Resolving The Root Cause Of Dis-ease

Allergic skin disease

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Paralyzed to walking





In 70% of the cases mentioned above, a referral veterinarian recommended euthanasia, there was nothing more they could do...we proved them wrong!

Living and thriving to 20 years and beyond!

As a devoted pet parent, you want nothing but the best for your furry family members. Yet, too often, our pets face chronic conditions like skin diseases, allergies, ear infections, arthritis, diabetes, and even the dreaded c-word. Traditional veterinary care often suppresses symptoms without addressing the root causes.

You can help your pets live a life free from chronic pain, endless medications, and eliminate relapses.

The Empowered Pet Parent Course Covers....

I’m Dr. Marlene Siegel, a veterinarian dedicated to transforming pet health. With over 40 years of experience and a commitment to holistic, integrative medicine, I guide pet parents like you to uncover and treat the root causes of your pet’s health issues.

What you will learn when completing the Empowered Pet Parent Course:

Comprehensive Insight:

Learn about your pet's biology, including diet, digestion, diagnostics, detox, and energy support, to help avoid future health challenges.

Appropriate Diagnostic Testing:

As your pets advocate, learn to identify deficiencies and toxicities and the appropriate testing required to identify them.

Species Appropriate Diet:

The key to health is understanding the right diet for your fur family.

Processed foods are harming your pets.

Learn how to replace processed foods with diets that support health and longevity.


Today's foods are nutrient depleted because of non regenerative farming practices.

Learn the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids) required for optimal body function.


We are exposed to over 100 000 synthetic toxins.

It is critical to support and aid in detoxifying the 6 organs of elimination.

Learn safe, effective and budget friendly methods to detoxify your pets.

Mitochondrial Health Support:

Learn how to boost your pet's energy and overall health by supporting their mitochondria.

Sami became paralyzed and could not use her back legs. Her pet parents consulted several specialists who told them she had three months to live.

However, after a variety of integrative treatments and lifestyle changes, Sami was walking again just two weeks later!

There is always more that can be done!

Once you experience the valuable content from this free module, you will want the rest of the course. This course will change your life and your pets' life!

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