As a pet parent, you want the best for your pets BUT how do you know what is best?

What will you learn?

  • In-Depth Pet biology:

    Gain insights into diet, digestion, diagnostics, detoxification, and mitochondrial support to prevent future health issues.

  • Effective Supplementation:
    Know when and how to supplement your pet's diet for maximum health benefits.

  • Detoxification Techniques: Implement home detox methods to keep your pet's system clean and healthy.

  • Essential Diagnostic Tests: Learn how to identify and address deficiencies and toxicities with the right diagnostic tests and questions for your vet.

  • Optimal Diet Plans: Uncover the ideal diet tailored for your pet's species and specific needs.

  • Mitochondrial Support: Understand how to enhance your pet’s overall well-being through mitochondrial health.

Why choose this course?

Expert Knowledge

Learn from Dr Marlene Siegel, an integrative veterinarian who bring years of experience and up-to-date knowledge directly to you!

Flexible Learning

Busy schedule? No problem. This course is designed to fit into your life, so you can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Peace of Mind

Gain confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re providing the best care for your pet, ensuring their health and happiness. Pet parents face an overwhelming amount of information, much of it contradictory or incomplete.

Whether you’re dealing with health issues such as chronic conditions, allergies, skin disease, cancer, digestive disorders or challenges of an aging pet, the Empowered Pet Parent Course is here to guide you every step of the way.

Act Now for a Healthier Pet Tomorrow

Begin your Empowered Pet Parent journey for just $197 and see the difference holistic pet care can make.

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