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Dr Marlene Siegel

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for almost four decades, the last 25 years have been dedicated to expanding my alternative “tool-kit.” I have experienced success in improving many health challenges that were not resolved with traditional medical care.

When you watch my case presentations you witness first-hand the transformative power implementing these integrative skills results in - they literally save lives and I want to share these solutions with you!!!

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The results say it all!

Watch Ireland's success story: Acute paralysis to a full recovery with no steroids or surgery!

Ireland presented with acute paralysis. Her treatments included acupuncture, chiropractic care, homotoxicology, therapeutic frequency, and laser therapy.

Daily treatments and physical therapy resulted in Ireland making a full recovery within just three weeks, all achieved without the dangers or side effects of steroids and surgery!

My mission for veterinarians is crystal clear. I'm here to share everything I've learned with my fellow veterinarians who like me, are driven to provide the best care for our furry patients. I want to help veterinarians continue enjoying veterinary medicine by keeping their patients healthy and thriving

Just as a good surgeon has more than one instrument in their surgical pack, an integrative practitioner needs a large enough "tool-kit" to meet the complex needs of their patients health challenges.

Let me help you expand your toolkit with....

The Integrative Veterinary Medicine Course

This Course Covers....

Advanced Diagnostics:

Explore techniques that surpass the ordinary, offering a deeper understanding of your patients' health.

Metabolic Pathways Mastery:

Learn to manipulate metabolic pathways for enhanced health and longevity in your animal patients.

Holistic Care Practices:

Understand how to work with the body's biology, offering comprehensive and holistic care for your furry patients.

Cancer Treatment:

Gain insights into the mitochondrial dysfunction underlying cancer and discover ways to repair and enhance cellular communication, allowing the body to heal.

Provide More Options:

No longer find yourself telling clients, “There is nothing more we can do.” Learn strategies to always offer something, especially in terms of enhancing the quality of life for your patients.

We became vets to be healers.

Learn how to identify deficiencies, toxicities and mitochondrial disfunction. Acquire the tools, therapies, and skills to restore biological function.

The Transforming Vet Medicine Course will provide you with the foundation and training to expand your integrative knowledge and skills. I introduce expanded diagnostics, detoxification of all 6 organs of elimination, mitochondrial biogenesis and much more. The principles and tools I teach you will allow you to easily and effectively transform your veterinary care into a truly rewarding integrative practice

Working With The Body's Biology

Learn how to turn on/off metabolic pathways

that deal with health and longevity.

Provide More Options

No longer need to tell clients “There is nothing more we can do.” There's always something to offer, especially quality of life.

This training will expand your knowledge to discover real solutions...

This training will expand your knowledge to discover real solutions...

Once you experience the valuable content from this free module, you will want the rest of the course. This course will change your life and your patients' life! 😉

It was my quest to heal Lilly, that took me into holistic/integrative medicine.

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